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900MHz Crosshair (RHCP)

The Crosshair antenna is a 10dbic directional antenna with exceptionally high axial ratio (.98). Suitable for long distance transmission where range and object penetration are required. Specifications: Gain: 10dbic Axial Ratio: .98 Beam width: 115 degrees -3db point: +/- 35 degrees Polarization: Right Hand Circular (RHCP) Package includes: 1- Crosshair Antenna, 1- VAS Finger Wrench Part Number: CH-900...
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433MHz Coil Loaded Dipole

Designed for compact form factor, the coil loaded dipole is designed specifically for multicopter applications where small form factor is needed.  Unlike the monopole antenna, the coil dipole does not accept harmful interference from onboard electronics.  Most pilots report a gain of 2-3X performance over monopole antennas on Long Range Control Systems. Specifications: Gain: 1.7 dbi Bandwidth: 410-480MHz Package includes: 1-Coil Loaded Dipole antenna Part number: CD-433...
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433MHz Semi-rigid Dipole

The dipole is the World’s most efficient antenna and the antenna to which every antenna is compared.  The Semi-rigid dipole works for both transmitter and receiver on Long Range control system of your aircraft.  Both elements are flexible so that you may set down your radio or land on the antenna and it will spring back to shape once lifted. Specifications:  Gain: 2.1dbi Bandwidth: 400-490MHz Package includes: 1- Dipole antenna Part number: DP-433...
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