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Wyvern (aka Chimera Mini) Race Wing

Designed for FPV Racing on medium sized courses. The Wyvern is capable of high speeds in excess of 110mph (when properly equipped), but is surprisingly nimble enough to maneuver through standard FPV Race gates. Included:
  • EPP Wings & Center Section
  • One Roll of Laminating Film
  • Welder Adhesive (Will be removed if air shipment is chosen)
  • Fiberglass Spars
  • Wood Elevons
  • Motor mount
  • 4 fiberglass spars
  • Winglets
  • Optional Mid Stabilizers
  • Landing skid
  • Control horns, Linkage, Servo Extensions
  • Motor: 2216-3035 1700kv
  • Prop: 7x5
  • Battery: 3s2200 - 3s 3300
  • CG is achieved at 6.5-7" from the nose
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Specter V4

The Specter is a low altitude, high durability airplane.  It is designed for short to moderate range missions where maneuverability and durability are required.  The Specter excels at low speed maneuvering in and around obstacles. The Specter is the go to for operators looking into aircraft to get started in FPV racing and obstacle dodging. Specifications: Wingspan: 48″ Length: 42″ AUW: 44-64 oz with battery and FPV gear Flight distance:  12 miles round trip [cbc_playlist videos="4367"]  ...
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Banshee Kit

Designed primarily for obstacle dodging, the Banshee will surprise the guys at the races. Extremely maneuverable and with speed capabilities that sneak up on unsuspecting opponents, the Banshee is the sleeper on race day. Like all VAS aircraft the EPP construction keeps it coming back for more, crash after crash. Specifications & Recommendations:
  • Wingspan: 36″
  • Prop size: 6-7"
  • ESC: 30A
  • Motor - 1600-2000kv 2210 (200w) depending on prop size
  • Battery: 3 Cell 1800 – 2300 mAh Lipo
  • Flight Time: 15-25min
In the box:
  • EPP Foam (wings, booms, and fuselage)
  • Coroplast tail assembly
  • 4 wing Spars
  • Control Horns & Linkages
  • 2 tubes of Welder glue
  • ...
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Chimera Race

The Chimera is a long range, high stability flying wing designed to give stable performance at both low and high speeds. Package includes: 1.9 pound EPP Foam Wing Sections, Laminate, Fiberglass spars, ABS winglets, ABS center stabilizers, Combinatino CCD camera and GoPro Hero 3/4 mounting case, Nose Skids, servo extensions Specifications: Wingspan: 54″ Length: 30″ AUW: 62 – 96 oz (with Battery and FPV gear) Range: 25 miles round trip Recommended power plant: Motor: 1000-1250kV (4 cell), 1200-1600kv (3 cell) – 500-700 Watts Prop: 8-11″ ESC: 60-75 amps [cbc_playlist videos="4363"]...
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