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Designed for speed, the Wyvern V3 offers both low speed handling as well as speeds in excess of 120mph on a 4S battery.  Set the plane up as a single, dual (or even triple motor for an amazing sound) and be prepared for a thrill ride. Key features: - High density EPP pod making the plane more durable and more rigid in flight - ABS fin kit includes winglets, stabilizers, and air dams for precision handling - New airfoil design for better low speed handling and tighter high speed turns - Twin motor setup for vertical take-offs - Kit includes glue, spars, and 5mil laminating film   Specs- Wingspan:...
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Anubis Race Wing

The Anubis  is a high speed, high agility race wing intended for FPV Racing where gates are involved. Its EPP construction makes it crash resistant and easily repaired when the occasional crash damages the plane.   Specifications:
  • Wingspan: 36"
  • Weight: 900-1400g
  • Speed: 30-125mph
  • Flight Time: 25 minutes
  • Motor: 1800-2300kv (400+ watt)
  • Battery: 3s 4000 or 4s 3300
  • Prop 6-7"
  • CG is achieved at 7.5" from the nose
  • EPP Wings & Center Section
  • One Roll of Laminating Film
  • Welder Adhesive
  • Fiberglass Spars
  • Wood Elevons
  • Motor mount
  • Fiberglass spars
  • Winglets
  • Optional Mid Stabilizers
  • Landing skid
  • Control horns & Linkage
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