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Gremlin Biplane

Designed to be a fun for both beginners and advanced pilots, the Gremlin is for people who fly fixed wing aircraft in a tight space.  Made of durable EPP foam, the Gremlin can take repeated crashes without any damage.  At under 150 grams, the airplane is light enough to not be subject to current FAA Hobby Drone regulations. The Gremlin Biplane is ideal for large backyards, small parks and parking garages. Recommended motor: 1306/2700-3700kV Recommended battery: 2 Cell 250-600 mAh Lipo Package includes: 1.3# EPP Foam Gremlin Airframe, Fiberglass rod for tail boom, all control rods and horns, ABS motor mount...
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Designed to be an easy to fly moderate range airplane with a wide speed envelope, the Pegasus is one of the most unique airplanes in the sky. The canard in the front acts as the elevator control and allows for incredibly tight turns while maintaining stability when stalled in low speed. Despite the unusual shape, the Pegasus is quite fast when paired with a 7" propeller. Specifications: Wingspan: 39" (1000mm) Canard span: 16.75" (425mm) Length: 29" (735mm) Speed range: 20-120mph Center of gravity: 14" (355mm) back from nose Construction: High density EPP foam Recommended battery: 4S 3200-4000mah Requires 4 servos (2 for canard, 2 for ailerons), motor, ESC, and...
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This race wing was designed by Video Aerial Systems for the FPV Wing Racing Association (FPVWRA) as a Spec Class Wing Racer. It is a 36 inch wingspan flying wing, that utilizes a 3S LiPo battery, and FPVWRA specified electronics. Manufactured from 1.3# EPP foam for durability, this wing will take a beating before needing to be retired from you fleet. Price: $59.95 [cbc_video id="4773" volume="30" width="640" aspect_ratio="16x9" autoplay="0" controls="1"] Spec Approved Sticker Website...
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Sphinx 27″ Race Wing

VAS Sphinx 27" Wing Available Now! The Sphinx follows in the tradition of the Specter and the Banshee with its aggressive handling and high durability. Despite the small 27” wingspan, the Sphinx handles full sized FPV gear with ease without the need for weak micro gear, yet uses common mini multirotor electronics to power it. This is the perfect plane for those people who want to run multirotor race courses and fly through the woods with a fixed wing aircraft.   Included in the kit:
  • High impact foam airframe
  • Motor mount
  • Dubro and VAS custom linkage assemblies
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