Genesis Circular 5G HD Receiver Array

The Genesis Circular is a 10dbi Circular Array designed for today's modern 5Ghz band High Definition FPV systems. This single panel array houses five Right Hand Circularly polarized antennas with a 115 degree beamwidth. Don’t let that fool you though, we have flown over 1000ft behind this array. All five antennas are manufactured on MilSpec RG-316 cable for durability and terminated with an RP-SMA connector for perfect integration with today’s Digital systems. A custom 316 stainless steel bracket for mounting the array with a Connex receiver together on a tripod via the standard ¼-20 bolt is also included. If you are looking to punch through thick foliage or buildings on 5Ghz band based High Definition systems, the Genesis Circular Array should be your first choice.

Gain: 10dbi
Beam width: 115 degrees
-3db point: 70 degrees

Frequency Range: 5300mhz-6000mhz
Polarization: Right Hand Circular

Package includes: 1- Genesis Circular Receiver Array, 1- Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket

Part Number: HD-5G8-CIR