5.8GHz Pepperbox XTreme Antenna (RHCP)

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  • Pepperbox_EX_Rear
  • Axial Ratio PBox Extreme
  • 3D radiation plot

Offering both high gain and a wide flight beam, the Pepperbox Xtreme is the ultimate FPV antenna. . Utilizing the our new Patent Pending vector-phasing technology also found in the Crosshair Xtreme giving both longer range and better signal clarity. You don’t have to compromise coverage for long range with a Pepperbox Xtreme.  With a gain of 13.25dbic and a flight beam of 165 degrees, the sky is yours to wander and explore as far as your aircraft can fly


Gain: 13.25dbic

Axial ratio: 0.99 (measured)

Bandwidth: 5300-6300MHz

Flight beam (horizontal): 165 degrees

Flight beam (vertical): 65 degrees

-3db point: +/- 55 degrees

Polarizaton: Right Hand Circular (RHCP)

Weight: 32.8g (1.15oz)

Package includes: 1- Pepperbox XTreme Antenna, 1- RG402 Extension cable, 1- VAS Finger wrench

Part Number: 58005R

Retail: $74.95