2.4GHz ShapeShifter Antenna

  • 2.4GHz Shapeshifter A
  • 2.4GHz Shapeshifter B
  • Shapeshifter 3D directional mode
  • Shapeshifter 3D polt

An Extreme range and an omni-directional antenna in one!  Designed by antenna master IBCrazy, the Shapeshifter uses beam forming technology to create a revolutionary product for your RC control or video link.  The Omni-directional mode gives you 4-6X range over the stock antenna on your radio making it perfect for everyday flying and moderate range missions.  Throw the switch to long range mode and boost your signal for extreme range flights without worrying about your control link making it.


Gain: 2.8dbi (Omni Mode) / 7.5 dbi (Long Range Mode)

Frequency range: 2200-2650MHz

Flight beam (Directional Mode): 90 degrees
-3db point (Directional Mode): +/- 75 degrees

Weight: 8g (0.28oz)

Package includes: 1- ShapeShifter Antenna,  1- VAS Finger Wrench

Part Number: 24305

Retail: $24.95