The perfect upgrade to your FR-SKY, Spektrum or any other RC radio for pilots who need a more reliable control signal.  The closed loop Diamond design radiates the control signal more efficiently than the stock antenna, especially in close proximity to the ground (ie. while in a seated position).  

This antenna can be used with any 2.4GHz transmitter, whether as intended with your RC Control Radio or even with a 2.4GHz video system.

The antenna can be installed vertically or horizontally to match your receiver's polarization.

Kit includes: 1- 2.4GHz Diamond Antenna, 1- Cut to length RG-316 Cable with Female SMA connector

Part Number: 24001K

***Use of this antenna modification may void the radio's factory warranty. Installation by inexperienced persons could result in damage to the radio. We advise only persons with above average soldering skill install this mod.