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5GHz HD System Antennas

  • 900MHz Crosshair (RHCP)

    900MHz Crosshair (RHCP)

    The Crosshair antenna is a 10dbic directional antenna with exceptionally high axial ratio (.98). Suitable for long distance transmission where range and object penetration are...

  • 900MHz BlueBeam Ultra

    900MHz BlueBeam Ultra

    The BlueBeam Ultra is a premium, high performance omni-directional antenna set. Designed as direct fit circularly polarized antenna replacements for the standard stock linear whip antennas....

  • 900MHz BluBeam Omni

    900MHz BluBeam Omni

    The antenna set that started the revolution and spawned copy after copy. The Bluebeam Omnis were the first set of Circularly Polarized antennas made available...

  • 900MHz BiQuad

    900MHz BiQuad

    The BiQuad is an 11dbi high performance linear antenna.  Perhaps the most under-rated antenna in the FPV industry, BiQuad antennas have been breaking transmission distance...

  • 900MHz Vee Antenna

    900MHz Vee Antenna

    The antenna that started it all!  The Vee antenna is a light, compact linearly polarized antenna for use on long range aircraft and short range...

  • 433MHz Coil Loaded Dipole

    433MHz Coil Loaded Dipole

    Designed for compact form factor, the coil loaded dipole is designed specifically for multicopter applications where small form factor is needed.  Unlike the monopole antenna,...

  • 433MHz Semi-rigid Dipole

    433MHz Semi-rigid Dipole

    The dipole is the World’s most efficient antenna and the antenna to which every antenna is compared.  The Semi-rigid dipole works for both transmitter and...

  • 433MHz Moxon Rectangle

    433MHz Moxon Rectangle

    Named after the late Les Moxon, the Moxon rectangle is a extreme range UHF control antenna that fits right onto your radio's Long Range Control System. ...

  • 433MHz Turnstyle

    433MHz Turnstyle

    Designed to improve signal clarity and range of your UHF radio system, the turnstile antenna is dual polarized and will help mitigate issues with polarization. ...