About Video Aerial Systems

We are hobbyists and professionals alike.

Founded by Alex Greve (aka IBCrazy) in 2011, Video Aerial Systems, LLC climbed to the top of the First Person View (FPV) and Unmanned Aerial Systems' (UAS) antenna design ladder very quickly. Video Aerial Systems, LLC was the first company to solve the Multipath issues experienced by Hobbyist and professional UAS operators. By incorporating the use of Circular Polarization we were able to all but eliminate Multipathing, allowing even self-described "technically challenged" users to enjoy the clearest video on their UAS.

Video Aerial Systems has become known worldwide as the best antenna designer and manufacturer for use with Hobbyist and Professional UAS in every environment. Some of our designs can even be found on UAS manufactured by some of the largest companies in the Aerospace industry.

Video Aerial Systems also offers a line up of UAS kits made up of some of the most unique, durable and best performing planes on the market. Whether you are looking to race, relax on a solo flight or fly survey missions, we have an airframe for you.

For ultimate FPV/UAS performance, video or otherwise, choose Video Aerial Systems.

Why Choose Video Aerial Systems

1. Having issues?
We understand the unique challenges presented to operators of UAS and FPV aircraft. We are ourselves both Hobbyist and Professional users. If you are having issues with your live video feed or the UAS itself, we have the experience to help you identify the problem, and work out a solution.

2. Salesman sold you something that didn't solve your issue?
It is our passion for all things UAS that drives us, not simply selling you a product or service. If one of our products isn't the answer for your situation, we are not going to try and sell it to you anyway. We have earned a reputation for being honest. We do not want to ruin that simply to make a few dollars. In some cases our product simply won't offer you the best solution. We recognize that and it's okay. If we determine there is a better solution for your situation we will point you in that direction.

3. We have the Hobby FPV industry's leading antenna designer.
Alex Greve (aka. iBCrazy) is easily one of the most recognized people in the FPV (First Person View) community. As an active community member, he strives to help every member of the community possible. His original Cloverleaf antenna design is the most popular antenna on the market for FPV, it has been cloned by well over one hundred companies looking to make a quick buck. When ever he comes up with a design you can bet at some point people will try and copy it. That is because even the competition realizes his ability. Shouldn't you?


"I just want to thank you for a great product ! The Antenna works beyond my expectations. That's almost never the case. It can wear the "MADE IN USA" with pride !!!"

Best regards from Switzerland

Samuel Genner

"Stone Blue Airlines is proud to sell some of the best products available to the FPV & UAS market.
Our partnership with VAS was a no brainer for us when it comes to selling high quality hand made gear manufactured right here in the USA.
As a UAS & FPV pilot the performance of my video system & aircraft is most important to me and to the clients I sell too.
VAS has provided us with the best in the industry when it comes to UAS aircraft & antenna systems.
We provide our customers with the best custom made products and VAS is an important part of our product line."

Jeremiah Guelzo - CEO
Stone Blue Airlines